Monday, January 19, 2009

civil rights

happy civil rights day everyone! how are you celebrating your civil rights today?

i guess i'll be celebrating mine by doing whatever i want to do. how great is that? however, we have some friends and neighbors in our country who don't get to do some of the things they'd like to do. one of those things is getting married. i am still one of those people who doesn't "get" why this is such an issue.
some would have us believe that same sex marriage is an affront to God. i'm not buying it. who made us all the way we are anyway? i don't think God is really keeping tabs on who's getting married and why. he's got bigger fish to fry. i'd say he's pretty cool about the whole thing as long as all of us married folk behave responsibly and don't hurt other people. seems fair.

some other people want me to believe that same sex marriage somehow affects the state of hetero marriage. i happen to be a married hetero, and i'm not quite clear on how that works. the only people who have influence over the success of my marriage are my squeeze and me. that's it. if the two lovely ladies around the corner want to get married too, i say hooray! more examples of successful, loving relationships are what this world needs.

soooo...a part of my civil rights celebration is sharing this link with you:

here, you can sign a petition saying that all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, should be allowed to marry whomever they choose. so there.

have a great day doing whatever it is YOU choose! peace out.


  1. Hello my dear!
    Randy wants me to share that we don't need to get married on the account that I've had him micro-chipped. He can't be out of a 20 mile range and I'm notified. Hee! Hee! :)
    Thank you for being a champion to everyone's civil rights. You go!!
    Love ya!!

  2. ha! you guys are great! love to you...

  3. I totally agree with you! It's love - it's an emotion. You have no control over who you love and have feelings for. It's chemistry - it happens. That's what makes it magic! And, for me, the big thing is - it's no one else's business! Mutual love and respect has it all over gender in my book.

  4. You should be on our, by "our" I mean the entire GLBT community payroll! "We" love you!

  5. Donna,

    My sister you rock the world,

    There is such deep power in you... I feel it...I honour it.

    Much love, Much peace,