Wednesday, February 25, 2009

what a gift know it's been a long dry spell. i really meant to use this blog as a place to manage my thoughts...and boy, have i had a lot of those lately...but my life has gotten in the way! obnoxious, huh? just when i really should be journaling some of the crazy stuff that hits me in the middle of the night, i have no time to come in, fire up the computer, and jot it all down. so, i'll just say this...
last friday was my girl's seventh birthday. she woke up feeling taller and smarter, which i think is hilarious (although she really could've been taller...i think she's growing an inch a day!). she also felt "like a good and fabulous girl" when people sent her cards, either through the mail or on the internet.
on the night of rosie's birthday, she went to the dads and daughters dance at her school, escorted by one snappily dressed daddy. they had a marvelous time. they danced and had a "prom" picture taken. so cute. then, tim and i lay in bed with her until 8:48 pm...the moment of her we could kiss her right then. i get all sentimental remembering that day seven years ago. it seems like yesterday, yet a different lifetime ago.
the next day, she had a big birthday blow-out at our place complete with a face painter and a bounce house. she invited pretty much everyone she's ever met, plus their siblings. rosie had a great day. instead of presents (she has so much), she asked her friends to bring a hardcover children's book to donate to our school library. everyone liked that idea, and we collected 50 books! the librarian was thrilled, and rosie learned a good lesson: it's often way better to give than to receive.
i get the best gift of rosie. peace out...and in.


  1. You are such a fabulous mom!! What a wonderful life lesson for Rosie. I love the idea!! I'll betcha Brooks and Pam were thrilled and touched by the donation of books. Sounds like she had a wonderful birthday weekend!!

  2. Donna, you have such a peaceful presence about you that it rubs off on others. I am so blessed to have you in my life!!!