Sunday, December 21, 2008

energy conservation

so, there's this idea out there (where? not sure) that says if you put energy into something, be it negative or positive, that energy comes back to you. for instance...instead of being "against war" (so your focus is on the war part), it's better to be "for peace", so that your focus is on peace, and that's the energy that comes to you. i really need to get my head wrapped around this way of thinking and being. i don't want all of this negative energy sucking up my life.

i am a step...step-mom, step-wife...and in that role, i find a lot of influences outside my range of control interfering in what i would like to have happening in my life. these influences intrude on my time, my feelings, my thoughts...but most of all, my energy. the influences that have been brought into my life are not what i consider entirely positive. i guess, in reflecting on the idea i wrote about above, that i've allowed these things to focus my energy on things i do not want, instead of things i do want sometimes. so...i have to adjust my flow of energy. that's hard. i'm trying. i spend a lot of time trying. exhausting...

well...that's it. done ranting for now. peace out.


  1. What a beautiful blog!

    Blessings of peace and power to you friend,


  2. I found you!! Yea!! What a wonderful post! If you believe in peace, wish for peace, peace will come!!

    Oh . . . honey . . . you are not "middle aged" cuz I'm not either!! LOL

    Can't wait to read more of your musings!!

  3. Love the post. I must say I agree but, you must remember out of everything that happens there is always something positive that will come of it. It just depends on how you direct your energies. If it had not been for something bad that happened in my life I would have never met you. Foucs on the positive!

  4. you guys are the best! thanks for being my early fans.

    maithri...can you tell who's blog i read before posting mine? :)

  5. It's a process and a journey. Sometimes the constant redirection of thought can be overwhelming, but one day it just is and you will let out a sigh of relief and not even realize it. It will come.