Monday, December 29, 2008

my name is mommy

so...this is rosie.

i don't think i'm one of those very intense moms, who believes her whole life was just on hold until the birth of her child or children. but this kid is, in general, my reason for breathing.

my life before rosie was good...very good, in fact. i was raised in a wonderful family...perhaps the most wonderful on the planet (nothing against yours...i'm just sayin'). i had lots of friends, was involved in many activities, and was, on the whole, a very fulfilled person. particularly after i met tim and we it was we were doing. i had a job i LOVED, nieces i was completely devoted to (and still am), and was up to my hips in volunteer work. i had my own home, and once tim and i married, we bought a new one together. i was a stepmom, which is just one step off the mom path, right? well, not so much...he had this actual mom involved...but i digress. in short, i was doing great. love was all around me and life was good. better than good. blessed.

then, the bun found the oven. for the first few weeks, i was as sick as the proverbial dog, and i was pretty sure this childbirth thing was a big mistake. then, week 13 came, and i never felt better in my life. my hair looked great, my skin glowed, and i had such happiness and energy! the day she was born was a little tricky, but it all worked out okay. she came out skinny, red-haired, and blue-eyed, but i saw them pull her from me, so she was mine alright.

and now she's six ("almost seven!!!"). for a little kid, she's pretty cool. she digs the music i like. she can turn a perfect cartwheel. she L-O-V-E-S school and books, which fills my heart with joy (have i mentioned i'm a special ed teacher?). when she smiles, her nose crinkles up just so. the very hint of a beat makes her wiggle and she sings constantly. she is stubborn and willful, which sometimes makes her a tough six year old to parent, but i'm hoping will serve us well when peer pressure kicks in. she's creative, full of curiosity, and funny. i am think i'm pretty realistic about her weaknesses...she's kinda bossy, doesn't always follow directions, and has issues with anxiety...but i'm proud to be her mom. she fills my life with hope and love.

i cannot bear the thought of her growing up without me, so her very presence makes me want to be healthier, safer, and a better person. i want to eat more vegetables, volunteer more, and start up a neighborhood watch. i want people who would harm children to be given life sentences right off the bat. i want our world to be peaceful and loving...or at least i want her world to be that way.

this mom gig is alright.


  1. your rosie and zach are so lucky and blessed to have you in their lives!! by the looks of this beautiful girl in the picture, she is happy and loves life!! i would say that this mom gig totally agrees with you! i know you are a wonderful mama and am quite certain that your tim is a fabulous daddy!

  2. thanks, peace man! that photo really captures the "rosie-ness" of rosie! she's a great little girl. i'm lucky to have her in my life! and those parenting compliments are quite flattering coming from you, super dad! :) xxx

  3. I LOVE the pic. Oh my gosh, our girl is growing up. I am about to cry because it has been too long since I have seen her!! Love you!